Warranty/Return Form

This page is for Aquapark and Lakefront product warranties. Please click here for paddlesports related warranties.

Don't use spaces or - between numbers.

Please enter the serial number exactly as it appears on your product. Serial numbers are printed on the product plates near the valve or warning symbols, or on the outer hull.


Please provide the name of the dealer or store where you purchased the product. This must match your proof of purchase or receipt.

Select one option that best describes the issue

In order to process your claim we need the following images in high resolution: 3 to 4 clear images of the problem area (if leaking, please spray with a 50/50 soap/water mixture on the area in question to indicate the leak), a clear and close‐up photo of serial number (usually located near the fill valve), a copy (PDF or image) of the sales receipt, or some proof of purchase which lists the item(s), 1 image that shows the entire product. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO UPLOAD ALL THE IMAGES AND INFORMATION WE REQUIRE SO THAT THE CLAIM CAN BE PROCESSED PROPERLY AND EXPEDIENTLY.

Please upload a file to the area below, this is required for any progress on the ticket.

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