What are the white marks on my new kayak or SUP? Will they go away?

So you’ve unboxed your brand new Aquaglide kayak or SUP, and see white marks on the material. What are those marks, and do they impact your new craft? Those marks are simply a phenomenon known as “marbling”, and are a frequent occurrence on supported PVC inflatable watercraft that have been tightly folded and packaged after production.

Rest assured that this marbling poses absolutely no threat to the structural integrity of your craft and typically disappears after just a few uses.

The process of inflating and deflating your kayak or SUP will naturally eliminate marbling relatively quickly. We also understand that you may wish to accelerate this process. If that is the case, careful application of heat will relax these marks away.

  1. Inflate your watercraft
  2. Using a heat gun, slowly heat up affected area(s) to relax the material
  3. While heating, frequently brush the palm of your hand across heated area, making sure that it does NOT get too hot to touch (as this is the point that you can damage the material)
  4. As material relaxes, you will see the white marks slowly disappear

There is the potential to overheat and damage your kayak or SUP using a heat gun, so we strongly recommend that you let the process of using your watercraft eliminate marbling naturally. Either way, we hope that this helps ease your mind and allows you to enjoy years of fun with your Aquaglide product.

Happy paddling!

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