Is it okay to use propulsion/electric motors on Aquaglide Kayaks and SUPs?

While our kayaks and SUPs are not rated for traditional outboard motors, the rapidly evolving use of lightweight, electric trolling motors, ‘power fins’ and other E-drive propulsion has opened up many new possibilities for recreational boaters. As e-drives and other electric propulsion devices gain popularity, we’re often asked if it’s okay to use them on Aquaglide boats. The answer is yes – with a few caveats.

Not all of our boats can be used with propulsion – acceptable models are all Duratex kayaks (including all models of Deschutes, Chelan, McKenzie and Blackfoot produced since 2020 model year (HIN ending in …20 or greater)) and all SUP boards 2021 and newer. These models are approved for use with auxiliary propulsion up to a MAXIMUM 0.75 kW (0.90 hp – 70 pounds thrust).

There are two main options for mounting these propulsion devices. The first is via utilizing the standard US fin box that comes standard with these kayaks and SUPs. The second is by utilizing the Universal Mounts that come on some boats, such as the new (2021 and newer) Blackfoot series. We restrict our recommendation to Duratex boats, and do not typically recommend using E-drives that attach via cam straps because there are too many potential errors that can cause a bad day on the water. 

We recommend checking laws and regulations for your local bodies of water. Some states and countries require boat registration when utilizing propulsion of any kind. If needed for registration, you can find a manufacturer’s assurance of propulsion compliance here. Remember, it is your responsibility to ensure compliance with all local, regional, state and federal requirements.

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