How to Prepare and Set-up 1m & 2m Vertical Mooring

The 1m vertical mooring and 2m vertical mooring are single mooring lines for anchoring aquapark pieces in place. These moorings are distinct from the Complete Mooring Line Kit and Vertical Mooring Line systems because they are only the mooring line, and require purchase of additional items. 

Suggested Additional Mooring Components:

  • 1/2” Nylon Double Braid Rope


  • 3/8” Snap Hook OR Quick Link - #316 Stainless


  • Zip Ties - used to secure tail of rope after knotting


  • 5” x 9” Rope Float, .75” diameter


Once you have acquired the additional components, you can begin assembling your mooring line. 

Mooring Line Assembly:

  1. Open 1pc Aquaglide 1-Meter Mooring (bungie).
  2. Remove Carabiner and small foam float.
  3. Position chain and galvanized quick link at bottom.
  4. Cut 1/2” Nylon braided rope to length required to reach surface.
    • Use heated rope cutter or tape & burn ends
    • Allow minimum 13” on each end for bowline knot & loop
  5. Tie nylon rope to top ring of 1-Meter Mooring (bungie) using a bowline knot (see below for how to tie a bowline knot). Secure end w/ zip tie.
  6. Thread 1pc Rope Float onto top of nylon rope.
  7. Tie another bowline knot to 1pc Stainless quick link at top of rope. This should secure rope float to mooring line and be ready to float. Do not secure with zip tie. See step 9.
  8. Secure mooring line to anchor eye using chain and galvanized quick link. This may be done before or after dropping anchor in place. If after, a diver may be required.
  9. Once (max) water level is established it may be necessary to adjust length of mooring line for various depths. Do this by boat. Push rope float down rope to water level and re-tie loop at top to secure. Cut & burn rope if necessary and secure tail with zip tie.

The complete mooring system will look as follows:


How to Tie a Bowline


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