How to work boston valves?

To operate Boston valve, insert valve body into valve base, and thread securely by turning clockwise. Inserting the valve body into the base is best done with cap attached. Once attached, remove cap to prepare for inflation. Insert pump hose with Boston fitting firmly into valve for inflation.

Boston_Valve_Body.png    Inflate_Boston.jpg


To deflate, leave cap in place and unscrew valve body by turning counterclockwise.



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  • Why my Chinook 120 has two different size Boston valves? The side bladders have standard size Boston valves, but the floor is smaller and my pump doesn't have an attachment that fits. I had to improvise using the pinch attachment and a hair tie to fit it in snuggly so I could pump the floor bladder. I am glad I like to test my equipment before taking it out on the field to avoid unpleasant surprises.

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