How do I connect two aqupark products?

  1. Straps should first be attached to ‘Connector’ items (example: Swimstep, Splashmat, Speedway, Breezeway or Deck) only where a connection is needed. Your configuration determines how many straps are needed; you may use all, some, or none of the straps supplied.
  2. ‘Connector’ items generally go between or attach to feature items. Connectors should not be attached to other connectors.
  3. Use all available rings to make connection. Standard connections use 5 rings. Some items use 3 or occasionally 7 rings/ straps.
  4. After launch, float ‘Connector’ with necessary straps attached into desired position. Note: a matching set of connecting rings is required on feature item.
  5. Attach center strap to center ring on feature item. Connect loosely, then work outward until all straps are connected.
  6. Dive beneath to tighten all straps securely. Dive mask and several attempts may be required. Make sure connection is tight and there is NO GAP between items. Failure to connect items properly may result in injury or death.



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