How do I set up my Aquapark's mooring and anchor system?

Please reference the owner’s manual (Commercial Owner's Manuals | Residential Owner's Manuals) for the item you wish to anchor. Proper anchoring is essential to the safety and performance of all commercial and residential products. The use of professional anchoring services is recommended. If improperly anchored, our product can move and/or float away. Aquaglide is not responsible for damage, injury, or loss due to improper anchoring.


Open Water

(General guidelines - not intended to replace need for professional installation)

    • Place product in an area protected from wind and boat traffic. Confirm allowances for stated minimum water depth, safe distance away from hard objects and vertical clearance requirements.
    • Consider prevailing conditions such as wind, waves, and other environmental factors in positioning this item. Inflatable items can be unstable in strong winds. Slide faces are best positioned toward a breeze, not across it. Check water and seabed for sharp or dangerous objects.
    • Keep product a safe distance from docks, boats, boat lifts, and any other structures. To prevent potential damage to product, injury, or death, NEVER tie the product to a dock.
    • Use one vertical mooring line for each anchor ring with an appropriate weight anchor, ground screw, or earth anchor at base.
    • Anchor weight recommendations based on average conditions. Sites with potential for extreme weather, strong tides, currents, winds and/ or swell should consider using up to 50% additional weight or holding power.
    • Install anchors and mooring lines before inflating this product.


Commercial Pool 

    • Product placement in commercial pool should be checked carefully in advance to confirm allowances for the stated minimum water depth, safe distance away from hard objects (pool edge) and vertical clearance requirements. Most residential pools cannot meet these requirements.
    • Pool moorings typically use a minimum of 4 horizontal mooring lines made from heavy duty elastic. Additional horizontal moorings should be added to increase stability and as necessary for larger product groups.
    • Horizontal Moorings are usually attached to pool anchor eyes, such as those used to secure lane buoy lines. Always adjust mooring lines to keep product(s) under tension.
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