How to install and set frame seats?

Low Seat Position Set-up:

  • Before attaching seat, install round rubber feet – 1 on each chair leg (4 total).

High Seat Position Set-up:

  • Before attaching seat, remove round rubber feet - 1 from each chair leg (4 total).
  • Attach fabric shelf to crossbar of one lower leg using Velcro.
  • Slide both lower legs into seat tubes until spring pins snap into position.
  • Wrap shelf fabric around crossbar of 2nd lower leg. Pull tight, secure using Velcro.


Seat Installation (kayak & SUP):

  • Place seat in desired position. On LOW setting (kayak only), do not push seat to deck until straps are connected – this leaves space to attach. Otherwise, place seat on dropstitch deck.
  • Lead webbing outward through kayak floor loop (slightly forward or aft of seat) or SUP carabiner, then up to buckle.
  • Thread webbing through buckle and tighten, pulling seat securely to deck. Repeat for remaining webbing straps (4 total).
  • Adjust seat backrest angle to upright position for paddling.


AG_Frame_Seat.jpg Frame_Seat_Attach.jpg

Download the Frame Seat Owner's Manual for complete instructions. 

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