How To Assemble and Use AG Kayak Hand Pump

  1. Attach hose to pump via inflation connection (marked INF). Note that the pump also has a deflation connection (marked DEF)
  2. Select adaptor based on valve type and attach to hose
  3. Fold down the base feet and attach the handle extensions
  4. Move lever to double action for inflating twice as fast and begin pumping.
  5. Continue pumping until you reach the required psi (bar) pressure, or until pump action becomes difficult. Use built-in pressure gauge to see progress. Note that when inflating a Boston Valve, the pressure gauge only reads on the upstroke or downstroke of the pump
  6. To make pump action easier, stop pumping and move lever to single action. Continue pumping until you reach the proper pressure for your item


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  • How is this helpful? Shouldn't #2 have some descriptions of the various pieces and how they go together? Why does the actual pump come with NO instructions? Why did I have to come here to understand the pump parts and options? Single action, double action, INF, DEF--none of this information comes with the pump! Good thing I wasn't out at the site trying to inflate my kayak because if I was, I'd have been completely uninformed and given up.

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  • agree - I have a aquaglide pump powered by car's cigarette lighter. and I have this hand pump. both carry the AG label. and then to find out that the two pumps don't have the same adapters and neither seem to fit the kayak's female connector well. I have to hold the powered pump in place and the hand pump adapter doesn't fit. and to top it off, the two hoses are NOT interchangeable. just shaking my head. you'd think that all products with the Aqua Glide name would be compatible. and you'd think there would be adequate instructions.

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