What should my Commercial Aquapark's dress code be?

While it isn't a requirement to have a dress code for your commercial aquapark, it is helpful to note that certain clothing items can potentially damage your park.

Generally speaking, water-based sports specific clothing is not an issue, but metal hardware or accents on "streetwear" type of clothing can potentially be problematic. Swimwear rivets are designed for active use and should be OK; some rivets, such as those found on blue jeans, might be an issue, as well as some metal zippers. Rings, watches and other metal jewelry are the biggest dangers to products and safety. 

A good rule of thumb is to encourage water-specific clothing such as bathing suits or wet suits, or non-cotton athletic clothing such as leggings and synthetics. These guidelines will not only keep your park pieces safe from metal zippers and rivets, but will also keep park users warmer and happier. 


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