AG Frame Seat Durability Pro-Tips

All 2021 Blackfoot Angler models come standard with the AG Frame Seat, and as they are compatible with most Aquaglide SUPs, many others are buying these plush seats for an upgrade. We've heard concerns regarding the rubber feet used to protect inflatable dropstitch floors from the otherwise potentially damaging aluminum frame in the “low” seat setting, and want to share some pro-tips for keeping you on the water. One thing is for certain, using the seat in low setting without these rubber feet can cause damage! In a pinch, use the high setting until you can get things sorted. A few points:

Keep it inflated. It’s easier on the rubber feet if they don’t have to conform to overly soft floors, so your best bet (and best performance) is to keep floors inflated to their specified working pressure (6.0psi for kayaks).

Use the Spares. Aquaglide has included 4 spare feet with each Frame Seat. If you experienced rapid wear on the first set, see below to extend the life of these extra rubber feet.

Extend the life. To disperse the weight load, insert fender washers into the bottom of the rubber feet. For most applications, simple zinc plated fender washers are large and flat and will do just fine. For daily saltwater use we’d suggest stainless steel. Sizing for the washers is key: Metric washers should have a 5mm – 8mm hole with OD = 22.0mm. Imperial washers should be #10 sized (0.20”) hole with an OD = 7/8”. These are commonly available at hardware stores – typically less than $0.50 for 4. For a visual representation of what this looks like, view this PDF

Use a rubber floor mat. This is something you shouldn’t have to do. Following the advice above will help avoid this, but one paddler told us he likes this option best to keep his floors clean. To each his own!

With these pro-tips, your frame seat will keep you on the water in comfort. Worst case scenario, you can contact Aquaglide for replacement rubber feet, or find them easily at most hardware stores or online. Please feel free to reach out to us with any comments or concerns!

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  • Thank you, Megan. Very helpful.

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  • Thank you Megan!

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