What is kayak paddle feathering and why is it helpful?

Feathering is where the blade angles are offset instead of aligned at the same angle. It is sometimes used to reduce effort when paddling into strong winds, as well as to reduce wrist strain. All AG kayak paddles have a feathering capabilities to various degrees. Feathering angle is a strongly personal preference, and we encourage trying out various feather angles to find what works best for your paddling style.

AG Orion paddle feathering is infinitely adjustable using Leverlock, while all other AG models have preset feathering angles at +/- 60 degrees. These are the 3 offset holes found near the center of the shaft on all other models. Without feathering, the paddle is assembled in the center hole. With feathering, the paddle is assembled in the forward (+60 degrees) hole, or the backward (- 60 degrees) hole.

To use feathering, which involves rotating the paddle with each stroke, it's necessary to have an index for the paddlers primary hand. The black wrap on paddlers right hand side of AG paddles is not a grip, but is there to hold the index in place. The index is a slightly ovalized shaft profile at 90 degrees to the paddle blade indicating when the primary (right hand) blade is angled at 90 degrees to the water. 

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