Why do I need so much mooring weight?

We specify our suggested anchor weights conservatively, and for global conditions. We recommend flexible vertical mooring lines with bungie to absorb the rise and fall, but we prefer to keep moorings close to a 1:1 ratio (length to water depth). Snug vertical moorings help prevent the park item(s) from sailing away from (and over) swimmers when winds rise, but they also require greater weight to be effective in severe conditions.

Although we suggest homeowners and park operators remove park item(s) in the event of a storm, most do not. Therefore, we consider what it will take to hold park item(s) in place during severe conditions with significant swell and possibly a storm surge. Of course, mooring needs will depend on the specifics of each location. Experienced folks will know best about the specific requirements for each area. While our suggested weights are not mandatory, they are a dependable reference point. We have never heard anyone complain about their park item(s) staying in place, but we’ve seen many a trampoline floating down the lake after a storm.

Last point, it’s no problem to use smaller weights, grouped together to one mooring line. This makes handling anchors easier, but ensures adequate holding as long as the suggested weight is met.

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