How to use the Universal Mount? What kind of accessories can I add with the Universal Mount?

Using the Universal Mount Plate

Many AG products are fitted with Universal Mount plates designed to fit a wide range of aftermarket accessories including AG Cupholder (sold separately). 

Mounting screws should be ¼-20 size and Stainless Steel (either #304 or #316 SS alloys work and are widely available). Screw length required can vary between ¾” (19mm) and 1” (25mm) in length depending on the type of accessory being mounted to it. The screw head required can also vary between pan head and countersunk depending on the accessory.

Please be careful not to over-tighten mounting screws on the Universal Mount. If using common mounts, 1” length mounting screws generally fit perfectly, however, for non-standard mounts, different length screws may be required. To prevent overset screws, which can easily puncture the boat, the threaded mounts terminate in welded backing plates. The mounting threads allow approximately ¼” (7mm) depth before the mounting screw will bottom out on the backing plate. Do not force-tighten mounting screws. If overtightened, mounting plate nuts can be stripped, requiring replacement of the entire plate. 



What kind of accessories can I add with Universal Mount?

Here are some of our favorite accessories...

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