How long should my SUP paddle be? How do I set up my Leverlock® SUP Paddle?

Aquaglide Leverlock® SUP paddles adjust easily from 70” – 86” (177cm – 218cm) to suit a variety of paddlers. Handle comes inserted into middle shaft, adjusted to minimum length.

  1. Assemble paddle by inserting middle shaft into lower shaft with blade at bottom. Align shaft hole and allow spring pin to snap in place.
  2. Open Leverlock® handle lever and prepare to adjust. Stand next to paddle with blade on ground and arm raised upward.
  3. Extend handle until top reaches height of paddler’s wrist (with paddler's arm extended upwards). Make sure to align handle and blade at same angle. Maintain position and close Leverlock® handle lever. This is a good starting point. Paddle length is a matter of personal preference and may vary by up to +/- 6” (15cm).


If you do not have a paddle with you for reference, take your height and add 8 - 12 inches (20 - 30 cm). 


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