How to work Halkey-Roberts Valve?

Valve(s): Some paddlesports products use Halkey Roberts – type (HR) and Twist-Lock valves. A HR valve attaches to product using a threaded backing plate, making it easily replaceable in the unlikely event of damage. Access valve by twisting cap counterclockwise. Pull to remove (cap is attached to valve by lanyard). To close, place cap over valve, twist clockwise to secure. Note: cap is the secondary air seal. 


To inflate, an air pump with Halkey Roberts – type (HR) valve fitting is required. Insert fitting firmly into valve and twist clockwise to lock in place. 


Valve Operation: To operate Halkey Roberts – type (HR) valve, press plunger and turn 90 degrees to set valve for inflate and use (plunger out = 1-way airflow). Press plunger and turn 90 degrees to deflate (plunger in = 2-way airflow). Note: valve is primary air seal. After inflation, close with cap for secondary seal. 




Repair: To remove a Halkey-Roberts valve, you will need a Halkey-Roberts wrench which you can find here.  Remove the cap and insert the Halkey-Roberts wrench into the slot.  Turn counterclockwise to remove the valve.

Replace: To replace a Halkey-Roberts valve, place the Halkey-Roberts valve in the product hole and line up the threads with the threaded piece in the product.  Twist clockwise to tighten the valve.  Inflate product and verify that there are no leaks at the valve.

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  • It is very important to let people know that sometimes the yellow ring is put on upside down. The grooved side has to go down. It took me a very long time to finally discover this on a YouTube video and be able to pump up my kayak since if it is on wrong it will not work.

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