How do I measure the correct air pressure?

Use a manometer pressure gauge for a more precise control of the air pressure.

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  • I purchased an AQUAGLIDE CHINOOK XP TANDEM last year and despite very careful looking after (they are not cheap!) and very careful inflation using a Sevylor manometer to below the stated capacity of 1psi had the floor bladder X beams delaminate and separate leaving me sat upon a giant unstable sausage. I managed to obtain a replacement from Aquaglide but yesterday during my second trip of the year I heard a distinct pop-sound like somebody flicking a basketball with force and sure enough one of the X beams has popped apart again, I can use it (just) but continued use will end up with another dangerous sausage situation. It seems precise control of the air pressure is not enough to avoid problems with the floor bladder of this model, everything else on this boat is fantastic but the floor bladder issue makes it far too risky for me to use, it's a real shame and I'm very disappointed because I chose this model over others after a lot of careful research.

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